Want A Simple, Proven System That Multiplies Your Wealth AND Replaces Your Job?

Lifestyle Investing: How To Stop Trading Time For Money… So You Can Enjoy MORE Of Both With The People You Love

Replace your job (for good) with passive cash flow streams that multiply your wealth… so you can buy back your time and start living the life of your dreams...


Dear friend,

If you’d like to achieve financial freedom using passive cash flow streams that’ll cover ALL of your lifestyle expenses (and liberate you from your job), then you’re going to love this...

Hi, my name is Justin Donald! 👋

I’m the author of The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom.

I'm best known for showing entrepreneurs & hard-working people around the world how to build and enjoy a wealthy lifestyle…

(Without having to trade time for money!)

About a decade ago, I found myself exhausted from cranking out long work hours in the pursuit of earning more dollars...

So naturally, when I discovered a way to create wealth WITHOUT having to dish out 80-hour work weeks…

I knew it was my ticket for getting me and my family out of the “golden handcuffs” club once and for all...


When my wife and I had our daughter, Savannah… I knew I needed to find a better way to generate income...

One where I wasn’t always trading my time for money.

More than anything , I wanted an abundance of time… so I could be with my daughter throughout all of life’s most important moments.

Every game, recital, birthday… all of it.

Especially since…

It’s what my own dad had always wanted for me.

You see…

Growing up in a working class home, time with my dad was scarce…

He’d be on the road from 7AM to 9PM, six days a week… making sure to sell enough cars & appliances to keep the roof over our heads.

(In fact, it’s thanks to him that I developed my own strong work ethic...)

Despite this though, I knew my dad wanted me to live a better life… one where work wasn’t costing me my relationship with the family.

I wanted the same too…

But how was I going to make any money without trading time?

Then one day, it hit me…

What if I shifted my focus from
“profit first” to “lifestyle first”?

Besides the work ethic, my dad also taught me about goal-setting…

I remember the system he used for making sure he was on track with his monthly sales goals… so that he’d always hit his numbers and get his quarterly bonus.

One day…

I used his system to figure out how much money I’d need every month to cover all of my family’s lifestyle expenses.

But instead of focusing exclusively on just making the income, what if I also focused on buying back my time?

What if instead of “profit first”... I insisted on “lifestyle first”?

What would that setup look like?


One thing was for certain - the answer wasn’t getting a better job or running a bigger business. 

Rather, I needed something that could produce the income predictably every month… without my presence.

So I started looking into investment opportunities that would meet the conditions for achieving this lifestyle of mine...

And well...

In just under two years, I had investments generating SO much passive income, that neither my wife or I needed to continue working our jobs...

I couldn’t believe it...

After negotiating with over 100+ companies…

I had actually multiplied my net worth to over eight figures.

Both my wife and I left our jobs… immediately.

After all…

My investment portfolio was bringing in MORE than enough to cover all of my family’s lifestyle expenses…

(And it’d be doing so predictably for years and years to come…)

But it gets better...

In just another two years after that, I doubled my net worth AGAIN.

But best of all…

I had finally achieved the family-centric lifestyle I had always dreamed of.

Never again would I have to trade time for money…

Instead, I was free to live my life on my terms… and spend the rest of my years traveling the world with both my wife and daughter. 

Now… you’re probably wondering...

How exactly was I able to pull all of this off?

(And how can you do the same?)

Anyone can use my system for investing and making money… no matter what level they’re at in their investing career.

It’s true that my education is one of my biggest keys to success.

It’s by committing to learn from world-class investors and being intentional in choosing my mentors… that I was able to get to where I am today.

Even now, I’m still always learning…

Going through dozens of books and podcasts every month… and grabbing as many good ideas as I can from investors WAY smarter than me...

Thinking about it, I must’ve invested over $1,000,000+ in boot camps and seminars to learn from the best coaches, advisors & industry leaders out there.

It’s a lot of money, I know.

But here’s the thing:

You don’t have to go through all that to achieve lifestyle freedom.

Because after analyzing my investment choices over the decades…

I’ve managed to finally compile all of my best principles, commandments, tips, tricks and secrets for investing… 

And turn that into a system that just “flat-out works”... and that anyone can use to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

(No matter WHAT level they’re at in their investing career…)

Literally anyone can use this system to:

Stop trading time for money (and in doing so, enjoy more of both).

Create immediate cash flow (with little to no investment risk).

Multiply their wealth (so they can live the life of their dreams).

That’s why I created...

The Lifestyle Investor Course

A Simple System For Replacing Your Job
With Passive Cash Flow Streams
(And Living The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams)

I designed this course for investors who want to enjoy a lifestyle of passive income NOW... rather than waiting for a nest egg later.

It takes everything I know about achieving lifestyle freedom… and gives it to you in a straight-forward and practical fashion.

The moment you join, you’ll instantly access all the modules and bonus trainings where I share with you a complete breakdown of my system for investing and making money…

So that you can start generating 100% of your income through passive cash flow investments, as well.

The Lifestyle Investor Course features over 20+ videos going over all the tools and principles you need to succeed at lifestyle investing… while featuring dozens of real-life investment examples from deals I was involved with.

You’ll also get access to The Lifestyle Investor Course Workbook… which you can download and print for the homework.

(Yes. There’s homework.)


You didn’t think I was just going to let you sit there and watch videos, did you?

After all...  If you're actually serious about becoming a Lifestyle Investor, then you better be ready to take what you’re learning and put it to action.

Here’s A Sneak Peak Of What You’ll Learn Inside The Lifestyle Investor Course

When You Get The Lifestyle Investor Course Today, I’m Going To Give You These SIX Bonuses


My “Cut Out The Fat” Toolkit

I’m handing over my toolkit for “trimming off the fat” during negotiations… so you can maximize your returns and minimize your risks.

With it, you’ll be able to tell who’s actually providing value to your deals… and who’s just there to snag a paycheck.


The 6 Typical Characteristics of a Lifestyle Investor

In this bonus, I expand on the characteristics needed to truly shine as a Lifestyle Investor.

(Personally, these are the qualities I look for when I’m trying to work with other investors…)

By embodying all six of these characteristics consistently, you’ll be attracting better partnerships and deal flows for years and years to come...


The Future of Investing

With AI, algorithms, robo advisors & blockchain on the horizon… the future of investing is looking quite fascinating!

In this bonus, I’m going to share with you some of the opportunities I’m seeing for Lifestyle Investors and these upcoming technologies.

In this bonus, I’m going to share with you some of the opportunities I’m seeing for Lifestyle Investors and these upcoming technologies.


My Investment In YOU

This is a VERY special bonus I’m including for you...

It’s a gift that’ll be waiting for you at the end of the course… when you’ve finished all the videos & written exercises.

(It’s my way of rewarding those who take action...)

Obviously, I can’t tell you what it is here.

But let’s just say it’ll 10x the value of your investment in this course.

Anyways… that’s enough about that. 🙂


The Backstory of the Broken Commandment

Throughout the course, we talk about all the awesome things that happen when you’re following The 10 Commandments of Lifestyle Investing…

But what happens if you break them?

Inside this bonus, I highlight the specific ways Blockbuster destroyed itself by breaking The 10 Commandments… so you can learn from their mistakes and experience long-term abundance instead.


My Murphy’s Laws Checklist for Lifestyle Investing

In this bonus, I share a story about a deal that REALLY went off the rails...

(With the FBI getting involved by the end of it…)

There’s lots of lessons in there on how you can manage such a situation should it ever happen to you...

Although, I’d really prefer if you didn’t go through what I had to...

Which is why I’m also handing you my 25-item Murphy’s Law Checklist… so you’ve got an extra layer of due diligence for any deals that seem “a little too good to be true”...

What Are Other People Saying About The Lifestyle Investor?


Let’s face it. I can go on and on about why I think my system for investing and making money is so awesome.

But I’m sure you’d rather hear what other people have to say about The Lifestyle Investor system.

Here’s what a few of my students & friends have to say…

“When it comes to growing and protecting my family's wealth, Justin Donald is the investor I've counted on.

Having known Justin for over a decade, I can assure you that his track record as an investor is exceeded only by his character."

- Hal Elrod

“Earned me well over six figures in annual after-tax passive income in the first six months studying his work…

As a result, I am now a student of every word Justin writes, teaches and reveals. Simply put, I consider Justin to be the #1 lifestyle investment expert in the world, and he gets my absolute highest endorsement.”

- Ryan Levesque

“A system that just flat out works!

Justin’ll save you from making stupid and expensive mistakes. And his superpowers and skills have changed the way I think about money and investing.”

- Mike Koenigs

How Much Is The Lifestyle Investor Course?

One of the reasons I created this course is because I wish there was something like it when I was making my way up.

Because like I said earlier...

I’ve invested almost $1,000,000 in my personal growth…

And spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and professional fees, education, training, and travel… striving to master the craft of investing.

Which is... kind of excessive.

All that to say, I wanted to simplify the path for becoming a Lifestyle Investor for you and everyone else…

By taking everything I learned and compiling into this one course… and making it WAY more affordable than other courses and trainings out there.

That’s why (for now), I’ve priced The Lifestyle Investor Course at just...


That’s right.

Just a one-time payment of $497… and you’ll get lifetime access to the course (along with any free updates and bonus content added down the road)!  

Not too bad, right?


Well then, I think it goes without saying:

This course is obviously priced WAY below what it should be.

And I’m not sure exactly when (hopefully not too soon)… but we will be raising the price for it substantially.


If you’re looking to get The Lifestyle Investor Course, now’s your best bet.

Click the button below to get instant access now!


Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?



After all, once you’re inside the course…

You’re going to hear me talking about how you should always minimize risks and maximize returns with your investments.

So I’m going to help you do that with today’s investment in The Lifestyle Investor Course by offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Even though I know you’ll absolutely love what’s inside, I still want to set you up for a win-win scenario no matter what happens.

So give it a shot! Try it out for a full 30 days.

Go through all the modules. Watch all the bonus training.

And do all the exercises in your workbook.

If after 30 days, you don’t feel like the course was worth it… just send me and my team an email… and we’ll get you a full refund right away.

No hassles. No questions asked.


Answers To Smart Questions

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