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Inside My Masterclass...

I have several strategies and tools that help people learn what's really happening with their investments and how to get even better returns.

Hi there! Justin Donald here.

I want to tell you about a story of someone who actually decided to create a wealth building vehicle that replaced their bank and allowed them to get two returns with the same money.

It's a little known secret of the uber wealthy, and we teach this strategy called Fractional Reserve Lending, which is what the banks actually do.

And we have a component of it that can be integrated in that we teach with our masterclass...

This little known secret is going to help you achieve passive income and build wealth like the experts.

Learn the secret by joining today!

This masterclass is being offered for a limited time only! I'm going to share several reasons to be aware of traditional financial vehicles and financial advisors and the manipulation that occurs in normal, regular, conventional investing inside this masterclass that you WON'T WANT TO MISS!

You won't regret this...

Here’s a breakdown of what you can learn inside the Masterclass:

What to invest in.

How to negotiate the best possible deals so that you generate immediate cash flow and long-term equity.

How to stack multiple strategies to increase your overall return while decreasing risk.

How to spot invisible deals that would normally be ignored by typical investor.

How to structure your investments and returns to decrease taxes and increase your net.

How to do this without creating another job or affecting your quality of life.

Get real-world walkthroughs of Justin’s actual past deals so you can model and use those strategies yourself! 


  • What to look for to partner with investors and dealmakers to save decades of time and hundreds of thousands (or millions) you would have otherwise lost.
  • Tools and resources that you can use and model (and save tens of thousands or more on legal and professional services fees).
  • ...and lots of other strategies and techniques to lower your risk, increase your chances of success to achieving financial freedom and be a Lifestyle Investor.
  • Manage Your Fears, and Help You Become a Great Lifestyle Investor.
  • ​Additional trainings from guest experts and more! 




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"If you're looking to build wealth through passive income opportunities, look no further. I'm new to Justin's Lifestyle Investor group and in the last month, I've spent many hours reviewing past investment deals and listening to all the new investment opportunities. The amount of deal flow that Justin brings to the table is nothing short of phenomenal. Justin’s connections, knowledge, and expertise in many different investment asset classes is also unmatched.  As these investment deals are presented to the group, I have the luxury of picking and choosing, without pressure, passive income opportunities that fit well into my personal investment goals and objectives. It's an understatement to say this opportunity is well worth the price of admission!"

Scott W. Wallace, PMIC


Here’s what you’ll experience:

Clarity, confidence, courage and the tools you need to achieve your financial goals in the shortest possible time with the least amount of risk.

A little disclaimer…

This exclusive on-demand experience is NOT for you if you:

  • Don’t want financial independence.
  • Don’t want to meet and network with other fantastic individuals just like you.
  • Don’t want to put in some work and determination to change your life for the better.
  • Aren’t coachable and think you already have all the answers and don’t need help or improvement.

But I know that’s not you.


Get access to the private on-demand experience now.

"A great investment"

“The 1-Day Lifestyle Masterclass session with Justin Donald is one of the best personal and professional investments I’ve made in a very long time. He shared powerful insights on how to think differently about investment strategies, methodologies, and how to structure and negotiate deals.” 

"Best place to start"

“This masterclass established an incredibly valuable baseline for me to begin my journey toward passive income and, ultimately, financial freedom. Justin and his panel of experts were well prepared, which showed throughout the day. I would highly recommend this event to those new to alternative investments and advanced tax strategies.”

"A game-changing yet simple approach!"

“Justin has a knack for taking what could be a complicated topic and breaking it down into approachable explanations and action steps. I came into this event knowing I was going to need a mindset and strategy shift in order to get to where I want to be in the coming years, and I came away feeling more confident than ever before that this path is within reach.”